Susan C. Lim

I'm a writer, historian, and disciple of Jesus


Light of the Word is a wonderful introduction to the Bible. … This is a fascinating book that will help readers better engage the Bible.

Sean McDowellAssociate professor of apologetics at Biola University and coauthor of Evidence That Demands a Verdict
While Christians generally acknowledge that the Bible is God's Word, many of us lack robust confidence in the reality of its trustworthiness. We may not be sure if we really believe what we read. But the more we understand how Scripture came to be, the more we discover its power and truth.
Academic Books
Sola Scriptura is the history of the Puritans and a sectarian group, the Rogerenes, in colonial New England. Like us, they grappled with faith, politics, truth, and the meaning of life as they weathered the unforeseen consequences of the transatlantic trade.
This US History textbook captures the dreams and hopes, victories and failures, and pain and redemption in the creation of our country. Told through a unique combination of stories and documents, an old tale is told through a new and Christian perspective for this generation to remember the past and be good stewards of the present.

The Second Confession

I fell in love with Jesus at the age of 17, but many years passed before I truly accepted the whole Bible as the Word of God. When the Lord opened my heart to His love, I called that my first confession. And when He opened my mind to the truth and beauty of the Scriptures, I called that my second confession. The Second Confession is a ministry born from this desire to connect both salvation and Scripture.

A Little About Me

… through a Glimpse into My Day

About 20% of the time this schedule gets radically reshifted and things don’t work out quite like this!

  • Early AM: Drink water, read the Word, chat with the Lord
  • 7-9am: Breakfast (usually avocado toast or egg whites) and drive the kids to school
  • 9am-3pm: Write (on good days), meetings, and try to workout
  • 3-6pm: Pick up kids, debrief while munching on snacks, watch their tennis and/or volleyball practice/game
  • 6-9pm: Dinner (I’m getting better at cooking!), connect with Brian (aka best husband in the world), sometimes take a walk or go to mid-week activities
  • 9-9:30pm: Family journal; prayer; lights out!
  • Weekends: Depends, but it usually involves family, friends, and good food; and church for sure

Some things not captured in this schedule: I taught in higher education for over twenty years, and I love learning (MA and PhD in history, working on my MA in Bible Exposition). I’m semi-fluent in Korean, my favorite foods are potato chips and fries, I have an incredible community, and I’m a recovering procrastinator. I’m also a firm believer in having a rhythm of life and seeing my spiritual director regularly.